First footage from The Vampire Diaries-Originals crossover is here

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Take a look yourself. To read more about the crossover, click here.

The Originals and The Vampire Diaries crossover

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klausandstefanThis is finally happening! The crossover will be shown in episode 14 of each show’s current season. Julie Plec, The Vampire Diaries and Originals, told E! News they’ve been fighting for years, whether to do it or not and if yes, how to do it? “None of us wanted to do it for the sake of doing it, but the timelines were starting to separate and Vampire Diaries, as you know, is going to catch up to its [three-year flash forward],” the executive producer explains. “So I thought, ‘This is it, we only have one shot left.’ And that thought coincided with the need for Stefan to find a safe haven to escape a mystical problem.”

In the TVD half of the crossover, the younger Salvatore brother will seek refuge at St. James’ Infirmary in Nola, a place where there’s no magic so no one can find him with a spell. There, he’ll encounter Klaus, whom he’ll stay and assist with a problem in the Originals episode immediately after. The crossover will focus on the relationship between Stefan and Klaus, and how said relationship might’ve changed now that Stefan is in a relationship with the former object of Klaus’ affection, Caroline. Plec commented, “What we can do is take a relationship that had a lot of potency, with Stefan and Klaus, now that so much has changed for each of them. They still have this singular person in common, Caroline, and we can explore that. I think it’ll be really satisfying for people who liked the Stefan-Klaus dynamic and are curious about what Klaus might think about Stefan and Caroline being a couple.”

One more teaser: the cross over will also introduce something that will have a big impact on the rest of the Originals season: “The crossover, actually, will be the first thing to give a little bit of a tease about the prophecy that makes us say, ‘Oh, wait a second, that’s interesting.'”


New year, new beginnings

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Happy 2016! May the new year bring you new opportunities and new possibilities.

From today on, you’ll notice some changes on the website. Joseph Morgan Online is now on new server, so it’s going to be even faster than it was before, and it’s ads free! Isn’t that great? Another big change is the domain name. New URL is A little bit longer, but you can be sure it won’t change in the upcoming few years, so make sure to update your bookmarks. I’ve spent the last few days checking every link and post ever published, therefore it should all be working smoothly.

Secondly, I’m searching for new affiliates. If you’re interested, apply here.

In December I spent several days and nights catching up with everything. There’s a lot that needs to be added, especially in the gallery. Please bear with me during this time. Once it’s all up, I’ll let you know. Also, watch this space for updates on projects Joseph has been involved in.

Lastly, there will be a new giveaway coming soon. Follow us on twitter and facebook, if you don’t want to miss it. And believe you, you don’t want to 😉

Thank you for your continuous support!

The Vampire Diaries and The Originals move to Fridays

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The Vampire Diaries and The Originals are moving to Fridays starting Friday January 29th on The CW.

Joseph Morgan reveals the hidden hero

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Thanksgiving is just a week away and that’s why EW has a new great interview with Joseph Morgan, where they talk The Originals and of course, food.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: So I’m not sure if Aurora taking Rebekah’s body proves that she’s trustworthy or the exact opposite. Does Klaus trust her at this point?
I guess in her twisted little mind she’s taken Rebekah for safekeeping and possibly saved her from a worse fate. But she’s also now using Rebekah as a pawn in this game. We already saw her manipulate him going, “Nothing will happen to Rebekah as long as you do what I say so come back to bed.”

That’s not the worst command.
[Laughs] Let’s see how far she goes with it. I think his mind’s going a mile a minute now and I think he’s equal parts impressed and utterly betrayed and vengeful. It just seems like something he would do, and I think he can’t believe that he’s been Klaus’d. [Laughs] I think they were on the path to regaining some trust and rekindling some romance it seemed and I think that put the brakes on and now he’s in full plotting mode.

I love the softer side to Klaus.
Yeah but you wouldn’t love it if there wasn’t the harsher side, you know? You can’t have the rainbow without the rain. That’s why when people ask me which side of Klaus do you prefer, I take him as a whole. I accept him as a whole being in all of his fury and childlike innocence. I think he’s an extreme. He’s a person under a magnifying glass. The whole idea that vampires have exaggerated emotions, I feel like I took that and ran with it with this character. [Laughs] That’s really who he is. That’s what’s so fun about playing him.

So this week is Thanksgiving dinner. I always wonder who cooks these meals?
We put a line in — I don’t know if it will stay in the cut — about how Klaus has made the stuffing. That’s his contribution. [Daniel] Gillies and I love to have fun with some of the dialogue and play around a little bit and sometimes they allow us to do stuff and we always wonder what will make the cut because we’ll go too far if they let us. So there may or may not be a line about Klaus making the stuffing and Elijah’s opinion on that stuffing.

What about the rest of the meal?
I also like to believe that there’s some butler who spends a lot of time shopping, buying whiskey and candles. He goes into a room and lights all these beautiful candles and then scurries out just before our heroes enter and have a huge dramatic argument. And then [he] comes out and laboriously puts out each of the candles after they’ve left the room and fills up the whiskey decanters. It’s a thankless job and one day there will be an episode of The Originals that just follows him, sort of like Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead. We see behind the scenes what happens.

Full interview here.

‘The Originals’ Season 3 trailer

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The Originals‘ season 3 trailer is now out and it looks very promising! Michael Narducci, The Originals showrunner, tells The Hollywood Reporter Season 3 is the season about sire lines. “We are going to meet some of the people who, in their early days as vampires, Elijah, Klaus and Rebekah turned,” he teases. “We’re going to see the first time someone was turned into a vampire. We’re going to see what life was like for the Mikaelson siblings, not long after Esther turned them; not long after Klaus killed his mother, not long after they went. In the present, we will see the return of some of these faces, and what their feelings are today — knowing full well if an Original vampire dies, the entire sire line dies. And what their point of view of that might be.”

How will the Mikaelsons fare in the war brewing between sire lines? Find out when The Originals moves to Thursdays at 9/8c, starting October 8.

SPOILER: The Originals Klaus and Cami to get a lot closer

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Executive producer of The Originals told TVGuide in their exclusive interview that Klaus and Cami are about to spend more time together in the upcoming season. “When we begin the season, Klaus and Cami have a very professional relationship. He has been so awful and diabolical to his family and he’s begun to see Cami professionally, as if to tell Elijah, ‘See, I’m turning over a new leaf; I’m working through my issues with a therapist!'” However, Cami (played by Leah Pipes) now wants to help him. Narducci commented: “Cami, for her part, now as a licensed practitioner, wants to help this guy, if for no other reason than she knows as a member of the O’Connell family legacy she can do some small bit of good by helping Klaus rein in his temper and avoid killing innocent people. She feels a moral obligation to get involved in his life and be someone he can vent to and open up to and help him work through some of his anger. And where that relationship goes from there I think is very interesting.”

Do you believe there’s something more that can develop between those two?

SPOILER: Big fight coming up on The Originals

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Entertainment Weekly has a new scoop on The Originals. Apparently, there’s a big fight coming for Joseph Morgan’s Klaus.

If Marcel is running the city on The Originals, is Klaus actually going to lay low for a while and just be a father? — Tom
I am not sure Klaus is capable of laying low. Just this week, Joseph Morgan filmed what he described as a “huge fight scene.” And from the description of it — lots of vamping and wire work — it sounds like it could be with another vampire. “There was definitely an emotional content to this fight,” Morgan reveals, playing coy on who’s on the receiving end of his wrath. Though, he does offer that “it’s been a long time coming.” I’m hoping his very first progeny comes a-calling!

Any guesses on who could be involved?

Joseph Morgan Previews The Originals Season 3

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TVOvermind posted a lovely interview with Joseph Morgan, filmed at SDCC 2015. The Originals star discussed how the new threats that will emerge in Season 3 won’t be immediate relatives of the Mikaelsons but instead sired vampires of the original family that have come to New Orleans to seek vengeance, making this season less about Klaus, Elijah, and Rebekah’s parents and more about their “children,” in a way. Additionally, Morgan also talks about how Klaus is doing as a full-time father with Hayley still trapped in her werewolf form for most of the month and if he believes his character will ever truly find love.


KSiteTV SDCC 2015 Interview with Joseph Morgan

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KSiteTV published a lovely roundtable interview with Joseph Morgan, conducted at the 2015 Comic-Con International in San Diego, where he talks the upcoming Season of The Originals. He reveals he is most excited that Season 3 will feature the presence of more vampires — particularly those who were the first in the sire line. The first season 1 was what he called The Season of the Witches, and Season 2 dealt with a lot of issues with parents. Season 3 will be “very much more vampire-centric.”

Check out more in the video bellow.

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